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once upon a time i wrote a thing.

"I dare you to stay,
to hang up your walking shoes
and rest here awhile."

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Anonymous: Hiya I have a bit of a weird request... I absolutely love LLL(ILCBT) and it has a special meaning for me and my best friend; we recommended it to each other and we have a friendship group very much like you portrayed the marauders, plus it's amazing and very funny :D anyway, I'm going off to uni this year and would love to give her a paper copy of long live living as a going away present. I know it sounds weird, but would you mind if I printed one copy for her on a self publishing website? (1/2)

(2/2) Obviously only for her personal use, all credit to you as the author + I wouldn’t sell it or let anyone profit from it in any way. If you’d rather I didn’t I completely understand, but that fic is really special to both of us and she would love having it in physical form C: Thankyou anyway, for writing such an amazing amazing fic that makes the idea of leaving my friends and going to uni slightly less scary, and which is one of my favourite ever characterisations of the characters Xxxx

baaaahh anon! this is the cutest, honestly. of course you can; i really appreciate you asking & i’m so glad you’ve both enjoyed it so much. have an amazing time at university, i was terrified to leave before i went, and then i went and met a whole new crew of marauders and had the time of my life. but hold on to that wonderful friend of yours; they don’t come around too often <3

(p.s. there’s no need to be on anon if you ever want to talk to me! i promise i don’t bite, and am literally always willing to talk to anybody about anything at all.

p.p.s i would love to see it when it’s printed! send me a picture!)

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